Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome !!!!!!

If your reading this you are most likely one of my most fortunate Dealers. I am creating this blog in hopes that it will continue to be a resource for you and your management team and be a valuable tool for you when building your successful Dealership.
Most post and articles will be related to operations in your dealership giving you insight on different ways to manage your business.
Included will be suggestions on Inventory Management, Fast selling Product and how to maximize inventory turns.
I hope you find this beneficial in your daily operations and utilize it as a tool you check every day.
Remember....We Sale Fun !!!! Make it fun in your establishment and your customers will reward you for it.
For now, stay posted and keep checking the Blog as I will post Articles and helpful information for you and your Dealership.
Take Care,
Dan Hollingsworth .

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