Friday, July 31, 2009

Product of the Week----SunCloud Sunglasses !!!!

Sunglasses are great Impulse Items, which in turn are Great Upsell Items. Take advantage while the consumer is waiting for his tire to be changed or oil change completed and have a few price point glasses available for him/her in your shop. Make them readily available and neatly displayed.
The incrimental Profits will reward you!
Check out the SunCloud Glasses we are supplying. Great fit, Lightweight and UV Protection with Polarized Lenses !!!!
All this for a mere Retail Starting
at $49.99 and up !!!!!!!
Check out the styles and types in our Helmet and Accessory Catalog on Page's 435/436.
Also, for a limited time recieve a gorgeous 24 countertop display for the small order of 36 glasses.
Click on this link to see details and the great Margins in PNW.
Give me a call or email me for more details and to place your order today...........Truly Amazing Margins for you Dealer !!!!!

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